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We rolled out our grocery blessing program a couple of years ago and have quickly come to realize that this is one of the most helpful ways to bless Ukrainian families in need. Now, during Russia's war on Ukraine, this has become our biggest program. With just $10 per family, we are able to provide desperately needed food and tell Ukrainians that God sent us to help them because He loves them deeply!



This is Sasha and his wife Alla. They have been taking care of Alla's bedridden brother for years and years (since Alla's parents died). Alla stays home with her brother while Sasha, her husband, works in construction. They both attend church and volunteer their extra time helping our ministry at the men's institution (Buriy Oogliy). Sasha hasn't worked since the quarantine hit and they were literally out of food. As you may know, there's no such thing as unemployment benefits or social assistance here in Ukraine. Get this, Sasha and Alla told us they were standing in their kitchen, holding hands and praying, when their phone rang. It was one of our workers calling to tell them she was bringing groceries!

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