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We have taken over 65,000 children to McDonalds for a Christmas experience they will never forget!

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Twenty years ago, McDonalds was opening flashy new restaurants all over Ukraine, and in the city of Krivoy Rog, McDonalds was the "elite" place to eat. Poor families and orphan children, only dreamed of being able to eat there!
So we thought, "Why not take as many orphans as we can to McDonalds for a wild Christmas party?" We took 46 orphan children, who, of course, had never been to McDonalds before. The kids were so excited they were shaking in their seats! After the kids finished eating, they put their cups, straws and wrappers into the happy meal boxes, and even folded up the little paper placemats, to take back to the orphanage with them. We knew they would remember this day, and everything we shared with them, all year.

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I will never forget the day we were blessing the kids and one of our workers came to me saying, "Ed, two of the girls want to speak to you." I thought they probably just wanted to say thank you.
I was blown away when they said, "We just wanted you to know, that we have been praying together, for God to help us to go to McDonalds."

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With a donation of $10, we can provide a child with a FULL presentation of the Christmas story, a wild Christmas party, a happy meal, transportation, and desperately needed vitamins!!!

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